Engineered Products for your Specific Flow Conditions

Expand the capabilities of your subsea chokes to handle your specific flow conditions.

Master Flo's subsea offerings include custom products designed to increase the value of your investment. This includes interchangeable inserts and other features that expand the capabilities of our insert retrievable chokes to handle your specific flow conditions.  

Specialty Retrievable Choke Inserts

  • Well Cleanup Choke Insert—Purpose-designed inserts for water alternating injection service trees. Permanently configured injection flow loops facilitate reverse flow injection and subsequent well cleanup through a production choke body and production gathering system without damage to the choke body.
  • Reverse Flow Choke Insert – Allows long-term field conversion of a production well to an injection well without damage to the production choke body or requiring tree removal to reconfigure the tree production flow loop arrangement.  

Standard Retrievable Choke Insert Benefits

Our comprehensive product family of interchangeable inserts, coupled with the interchangeable custom curve nozzle designs, provide precise well control for a large variety of well control applications from a single tree design. All of these inserts provide a cost-effective solution compared to flow module-oriented tree installations.