Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Reductions

Technology, products and life-of-field solutions that lower the capital costs of your project's flow management requirements.

As a leading provider of subsea choke technology and flow management solutions, Master Flo has the expertise to help you significantly reduce the CAPEX of your project.

FEED Solution Support

Our dedicated subsea technical sales and engineering teams works with operators and EPC firms on front end engineering design (FEED) to deliver application-specific choke and flow management solutions for the life of your reservoir. We can help you maximize production uptime and revenue, protect your reservoir and production equipment from damage and the resulting downtime, and reduce your project’s CAPEX. 

Insert Retrievable Choke Design vs. Bolted Bonnet Flow Module Design

Master Flo’s insert retrievable design choke provides a lower cost tree design compared to those that incorporate a more expensive retrievable flow module installed choke. 

  • A smaller tree footprint than that required to accommodate the flow module results in lower costs for transportation, installation, spare parts and replacement flow module handling. 
  • Insert retrievable design chokes eliminate the difficult and costly retrofit tree configuration changes required for flow module-equipped trees.

Patented Master Flo Retrievable Choke Insert Technology

Our patented reverse flow retrievable choke insert, as well as our patented retrievable choke inserts equipped with upstream and downstream pressure and/or temperature transmitters (acting as a virtual reality single-phase flow meter), provide: 

  • Reduced costs of project engineering tree design, trees, transportation and installation, operations, spare tree and spare parts, and inventory. In addition, retrofit flow loop reconfiguration changes, if required, are simpler.
  • Insert retrievable chokes equipped with pressure and/or temperature sensors provide retrievable redundant sensor capability in the event of tree mounted sensor failure.
  • Patented reverse flow choke inserts are purpose-designed to prevent potential body and choke inlet washout from reverse path flow through purpose-designed production path flow chokes.

Reliable Metal Seal Technology and Proven Choke Performance

The quality and reliability of Master Flo subsea chokes are proven in offshore fields around the world, as are our life-of-field of solutions. Our chokes have set multiple world depth records, and we continue to  partner with our customers to enhance our products and develop new ones to meet their increasingly complex challenges.

  • Our standard 10K &15K metal seal product line is rated for temperatures from -50F to 350F. If required, advanced 15K 400F / 20K metal seal choke technology is also available.
  • The Master Flo interchangeable insert product family is complemented by interchangeable nozzle designs to provide maximum insert deployment flexibility with minimum insert requirements between different tree designs and reservoir requirements.