Natural Gas Storage Applications

Master Flo has extensive experience in natural gas storage and solution mining projects. Collaborating with our sister company Stream-Flo, a leading manufacturer of wellheads and automated valves, we are able to offer a range of equipment that meet the needs of the NGL gas storage industry. 

Equipment Options and Features

  • Choke valve designs that allow in-field servicing, eliminating the need to remove the valve for service:
    • A 4-port trim that features opposing ports that impinge flow on itself, dissipating throttling energy
    • Class V shuttoff per FCI 70-2-1998 (Class VI shuttoff is available)
    • External sleeve over ported cage choke valve design that provides effective flow control over the full range of stem travel
  • Advanced monitoring and control systems with in-house software development that provide realtime visibility of operational conditions and digital data analytics to support optimized production and maintenance prediction. 
  • Self-powered, true fail-safe, emergency shutdown systems for applications where a local power source is unavailable or unusable for valve automation:
    • Environmentally safe with zero emissions
    • ESD valve (SSV) can be installed in any piping orientation and the controls can be remotely mounted from the actuator for ease of use
  • Full range of large bore valves and wellhead equipment designed for full life cycle of storage wells. 
  • Variety of sealing options to suit all types of conditions and requirements, including: self-energizing or externally energized elastomeric, nonelastomeric, and metal seals. 
  • The wafer nozzle non-slam check valve was developed to provide quick, dynamic response and low pressure drop in a compact and affordable design:
    • Available in NPS 2" through 12" Class 150 to 2500, RF and RTJ flanges

Service and Support

  • In-house engineering from design to metallurgy requirements
  • Large inventory of products for fast industry response
  • Service support and tools required to perform customer specific jobs
  • Remanufacture capabilities for a prolonged life cycle of equipment

Regulations and Certifications

  • Full API 6A and 6D certification
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 compliant
  • Nace MR0175