Choke Valve Sizing Software & App

Choke Valve Sizing Software & App

The SizeFlo app and MFSizing software are programs designed to help you select the correct choke valve size to optimize your project’s flow.

SizeFlo App

masterflo - SizeFlo App - 450x450The SizeFlo app lets you calculate choke valve capacity, flow rate, pressure drop and more. Install it now from: 

MFSizing 7.1

Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP or higher, MFSizing is comprehensive choke valve and actuator sizing software for your computer. MFSizing is based on the ISA S75.01 specifications for control valve sizing, with calculations that include: 

  • Master Flo choke valve sizing and coefficient of valve capacity (Cv).
  • Pressure drops across the specified valve size at various flow conditions.
  • Flow rates based on valve size, Cv and pressures.
  • Sizing for Master Flo pneumatic piston, hydraulic piston, and rotary stepping actuators.

MFSizing can be run for multiple flow conditions simultaneously. All control parameters can be input in a variety of units, and calculation results are summarized in a report that you can save and print. Also included is a glossary of terms commonly used in the valve industry.


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