Petrobras Homologation

Master Flo is the first choke manufacturer to pass the Petrobras Homologation

Petrobras Homologation

The Master Flo P4-10K Bolted Bonnet Subsea Choke Valve is the first choke valve in the world to pass the demanding Petrobras Homologation

Petrobras homologation test valve

Maximum Pressure: 10,000 psi (69,000 kPa)

Temperature Range: 32°F to 180°F (0°C to 82°C) 

Depth Rating: 8,200 feet (2,500 meters)

Back Pressure: 3,630 psi (25,000 kPa)

1,000 cycles including:

  • 160 ambient cycles
  • 220 hot cycles
  • 20 cold cycles
  • 400 hyperbaric cycles
  • 200 pressure pulses

Zero leakage acceptance criteria

Cv/FL testing

Internal jamming test

Hydraulic and torque signatures


Petrobras Homologation Cv testing

Cv Testing


Petrobras Hyperbaric testing

Hyperbaric Testing


Petrobras homologation internal jamming

Internal Jamming Test


Petrobras homologation FL testing

FL Testing


Petrobras homologation cold test

Temperature Testing