Hyperbaric Testing

Hyperbaric Testing

Houston Hyperbaric Center

Master Flo’s custom-built Hyperbaric Test System in Houston is one of the largest of its kind in the United States. It enables equipment to be tested at pressures equivalent to a depth of 23,000-feet/7,000-meters-below-sea-level (10,000 PSI / 690 bar). Insourcing this critical testing operation reduces the risk and costs associated with product qualification, which in turn enables Master Flo to provide our customers with greater value. The Hyperbaric Test System, along with Master Flo’s expertise in hyperbaric testing, are also available for use by our customers and partners to test products and equipment at significantly less cost than conducting sea tests.

Volumetric Capacity

  • 167.2 cubic feet / 1250 gallons / 4,730 liters

Dimensions without cap space

  • Height: 89.38 inches (227.03 cm)
  • Diameter:  44.00 inches (111.76 cm)

Operating Pressure

  • 10,000 PSIG / 69,000 kPa / 23,000 ft / 7,000 m water depth

Operating Temperature 

  • 28°F (-2°C) to ambient