Self-Contained Low-Power Electro-Hydraulic Actuator


Master Flo HL2-Series actuators are designed for rugged, long-life performance. The low-maintenance, double-acting piston allows operation with standard hydraulic pressure supply with fail-safe capability. The actuator comes equipped with an advanced, multi-option automatic positioning system.

HL2-Series actuators are available in 2 piston sizes to meet your hydraulic supply and thrust requirements. Additional options such as manual hand pump overrides, adjustable travel stops, and special materials are also available. Positioner can be selected to meet various hazardous-area certification requirements.

  • Reliability – Rugged construction with minimal moving parts ensures long life with low maintenance requirements.
  • Interchangeability – Actuator yokes incorporate standard industry mounting bosses for universal interchangeability.
  • Protective Coatings – External surfaces are powder coated for maximum protection against harsh environments; special coatings (including offshore epoxy) are also available.
  • Instrument Mounting – Equipped with advanced, low-power positioning system with incremental stepping and fail-safe capabilities.
Self-Contained Low-Power Electro-Hydraulic Actuator
  • Action

    Model HL2: Linear Hydraulic, Fail Closed

  • Piston Area (square inches / square centimetres)

    HL2: 13.4  / 86

    HL2-3000: 7.7 / 50

  • Operating Medium

    Hydraulic Fluid

  • Maximum Supply Pressure

    HL2: 1500 psig (103 barg)

    HL2-3000: 3000 psig (207 barg)

  • Operating Temperature

    –50°F to 150°F (–46°C to 66°C)

  • Control Signal

    4–20 mA,  HART,  Fieldbus

  • Hazardous Area Certification (positioner dependent)

    ATEX, IECEx, CE: Intrinsically Safe or Flame Proof

    UL certification pending

  • Power Consumption

    Instrumentation: Less than 4W, continuous idle from 0.1W

    Hydraulic Pump: Max 40W


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