Rotary Stepping Actuators


The Master Flo Rotary Stepping Actuator is designed to operate our P2E through P10 choke and control valves. It mounts directly to the cover plate on bolted-bonnet valves, resulting in a compact sealed design and enabling fast and easy field conversion from manual to automated operation.

As a rotary actuator, incremental 36° steps position the valve in 1/10th of a turn rotations of the valve-stem nut. This delivers the precision and high torque essential for high pressure valves. Separate cylinders provide valve-open and valve-close operation, each with a spring to deliver linear thrust that is converted to rotary action through the actuator mechanism.

To enable the rotary stepping actuator to be used in a variety of applications for the entire range of our surface valves, three styles of operating cylinders are available: pneumatic, high-thrust pneumatic, and hydraulic.

Rotary Stepping Actuators


The Master Flo Rotary Stepping Actuator is typically operated through solenoids in conjunction with position feedback supplied from a 4-20 mA position transmitter unit. Optional positioner control systems are also available. 

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