Pneumatic Piston Actuators for ESD Applications


Master Flo’s PSE 150 and PSE 300 pneumatic piston actuators are designed for emergency shutdown (ESD) systems that automatically close gate valves on wellheads and flow lines under emergency conditions. The actuator is independently assembled and tested, enabling easy service and installation.

PSE pneumatic piston actuators are also available factory-assembled, tubed and tested with Stream-Flo Crown reverse-acting gate valves as packaged emergency shutdown system. Pneumatic ESD+ systems are also available factory assembled with Master Flo choke valves.

  • Reliability – Rugged construction with minimal moving parts ensures long life with low maintenance requirements.
  • Easy Maintenance – Self-contained preloaded spring cartridge assembly for increased safety and ease of actuator assembly/disassembly. No preloaded action required.
  • Adaptable Mounting – Standardized mounting allows for easy installation onto Crown ESD gate valves. Interchangeable hydraulic-to-pneumatic and vice versa.
  • Protective Coatings – External surfaces are painted for maximum protection against harsh environments; special coatings (including offshore epoxy) are also available.

See the Stream-Flo Industries, our partner company, website for self-contained emergency shutdown systems.

Pneumatic Piston Actuators for ESD Applications
  • Action

    Linear Pneumatic, Spring Fail Closed

  • Piston Area (square inches / square centimetres)

    PSE 150: 153 / 987

    PSE 300: 303 / 1955

  • Operating Medium

    Instrument air, process gas (1% H2S) option

  • Maximum Supply Pressure

    150 psig (10.3 barg)

  • Operating Temperature

    –50°F to 150°F (–46°C to 66°C)

  • Certification

    API 6A Annex F


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