Double-Acting Pneumatic Piston Actuators


Originally designed to handle the severe service applications seen on offshore platforms, the Master Flo PDA double-acting pneumatic piston actuator has a proven performance track record. The actuator is environmentally sealed to reduce many of the corrosion effects common to the industry, and features a design with no exposed linkages.

The double-acting piston operates on a minimum of 80 psi pneumatic supply providing a rigid control system for higher pressure choke valves. The internal spring provides fail-closed operation features upon loss of pneumatic or electrical signal, and PDAs are available with single, double and triple-spring configurations.

Double-Acting Pneumatic Piston Actuators
  • Material

    Carbon or low alloy steel

  • Piston Area (square inches)

    PDA 100: 91

    PDA 200: 185

    PDA 300: 300

  • Input Signal

    3-15 psig, 6-30 psig, 4-20 mA, HART, fieldbus

  • Output Signal

    4-20 mA, HART, fieldbus

  • Operating Temperature

    Standard: -20 F to 150 F (-28 to 66 C)
  • Certification

    CSA/FM/UL explosion proof or ATEX intrinsically safe or flameproof

  • Fail Action

    Spring-assist fail close is standard. Fail lock is also available.

  • Options

    Open yoke; manual override (hand pump); right-angle mount.


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