SL3 High-Resolution Subsea Actuator

The Master Flo SL3 High-Resolution Subsea Actuator is the next iteration of Master Flo's proven subsea hydraulic stepping SL Series of actuators. While maintaining all the principles and robust design of the SL2 subsea actuator, the SL3 actuator increases resolution in the opening direction by 3 times.  

  • Bring production wells online with more precise flow management that reduces the downhole pressure drop experienced at each successive step. This decreases the “surge” experienced in the reservoir when the choke is opened one additional step, and decreases the likelihood of reservoir damage, sand production, and production of debris that can damage the trim elements.
  • Increase production incrementally by increasing the possible set point of wells in operation up to the sand breakthrough point without overstepping and causing formation damage or excessive sand production.
  • Utilize the existing installed electro-hydraulic distribution system to cost-effectively increase your production. Retrofitting brownfield wells with the SL3 does not require costly battery power banks, additional electrical umbilicals or other modifications that electric actuators require.


  • Reliable – Based on proven Master Flo SL Series design principles of reliability, ruggedness and long life.   
  • High Resolution – 3x the number of opening steps provides high-resolution flow management.
  • Cost effective – Utilizes existing electro-hydraulic distribution system to retrofit and increase production of brownfield wells.
  • Quick Close – Maintains the same closing speed as the previous SL2 actuator.
  • Durable – 2 Million “stepping cycles” qualification test. 
  • Maintenance Free – Oil filled actuator that requires no maintenance.
SL3 High-Resolution Subsea Actuator

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