Flow Characteristics

The standard Master Flo trim provides a high level of control over the life of the trim. Smaller lower ports provide the initial 15% of control range, while the larger ports provide the valve’s overall capacity. This results in:

  • Equal percentage flow characteristic curve
  • High liquid pressure recovery factor (FL)

With the experience of working with customers to deliver thousands of flow management solutions, we can also provide Multi-stage, high pressure multi-stage, LabFlo and custom trims to meet your project's specific flow requirements.

Equal percentage flow characteristic curve

Master Flo trims’ equal percentage flow characteristic curve provides gradual response in the lower portion of stem travel, delivering a high level of initial control. As the valve is opened and flow increases, this level of control is maintained throughout the stem travel, resulting in a high turndown ratio, high repeatability and precise flow control.

Flow characteristics without header

High liquid pressure recovery factor (FL)

As a fluid passes through a choke valve, the pressure tends to dip below its final pressure. This is called the vena contracta effect, and the magnitude of this dip compared to the inlet and outlet pressures is described by the liquid pressure recovery factor (FL). Low FL values can result in cavitation and its accompanying erosion. Master Flo trims have a high FL value throughout their control range, which results in decreased cavitation potential, lower noise, and longer trim life. 


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