External Sleeve Over Ported Cage Trim

External sleeve over ported cage trimMaster Flo's ongoing research and development has resulted in continuous advancements in controllability, erosion resistance, and other factors. Today, the Master Flo external sleeve over ported cage trim is the surface and subsea industry standard, particularly for high-pressure, large-pressure drop, and severe service applications.

The external sleeve over ported cage design delivers this superior performance by impinging flow on itself in the center of the cage, dissipating the throttling energy. The impinged flow is directed upward, into the trim and away from the outlet, which further reduces the throttling energy and contains residual wear to the hardened trim components. As a result, the throttling energy is dissipated before it enters the outlet bore. This protects the outlet wall from erosion that high velocity flow can cause. Further protection from erosion is provided by the retaining sleeve, which isolates the main body bore from the incoming flow.

Other Master Flo advancements to the external sleeve over ported cage include:

  • 4-Port flow control for superior flow characteristics.
  • Independent upstream shutoff. 
  • Non-threaded trim.
  • Service-specific materials, including our proprietary 5CB Tungsten Carbide.
  • Optional trim designs for service-specific requirements.

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