5CB Tungsten Carbide & Service-Specific Materials

Master Flo’s Materials Engineers have extensive experience matching trim and other valve component material to specific applications. In addition to a full range of materials for severe service, Master Flo provides our proprietary 5CB Tungsten Carbide for advanced erosion and corrosion resistance along with increased toughness.

Erosion Resistance—In tests conducted with the Master Flo erosion loop, 5CB provided trims with up to 7.7x the erosion resistance of other Tungsten Carbides.

5CB Erosion test chart


Corrosion Resistance—In third-party tests, three Tungsten Carbide grades were submersed in a solution of HCl acid saturated with H2S and CO2 at 50°C for 168 hours. 5CB performed best of the three, with 2.2x the corrosion resistance of Tungsten Carbide with a 6% nickel carbide binder.

5CB Corrosion Resistance Chart

Toughness—Toughness is a material’s ability to resist fracture and the resulting impact-related failures. Using the industry standard Palmqvist test at a third-party facility, 5CB was shown to have a toughness advantage over all other carbide grades that were tested.

5CB toughness


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