C4E Control Valve

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Valve Type

Inline control valve.

Max. Pressures

3,600 psi / 25,000 kPa

Standard Connections

4", 6"

Standard Trim

Ported cage with external sleeve.

C4E Control Valve
  • Max. Cv

  • Max. Bean Size

  • Connection Types



  • Optional Trims

    Multi-stage, high-pressure multi-stage, LabFlo and laminate trims.

  • Available Trim Materials

    A number of service-specific materials are available. Request a data sheet for details.

  • Material

    Body, bonnet, stem, bolting, retaining sleeve, and seals are available in a number of service-specific materials. Request the data sheet for details.

  • Flow Characteristics

    Equal percentage, resulting in a high level of control.

  • Actuation Options

    • Master Flo Rotary Stepping (Pneumatic) Actuators
    • Master Flo Rotary Stepping (Hydraulic) Actuators
    • Master Flo Pneumatic Piston Actuators
    • Master Flo FC Hydraulic Piston Actuators
    • Master Flo DSA-Series Single-Acting Diaphragm Actuators
    • A variety of third-party actuators. Contact us for details.

  • Valve Options

    • Four-scale calibration head in stainless steel (standard is aluminum).
    • Barrel-type calibration head

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