Trim Selection

In addition to our standard external sleeve over ported cage valve trim, Master Flo offers specialty trims to meet all of your application requirements.

Trim Selection

Selecting the right trim for your application is critical to optimizing flow. In addition to the standard 4-port trim of Master Flo choke valves, we offer a number of other styles to meet low-noise, high capacity, high pressure, well cleanup choke and other requirements. All can be engineered to provide custom flow characteristic curves, and all but the LabFlo trim are available in service-specific materials.

Standard 4-Port Trim

4-port trimThe standard trim for our external sleeve over ported cage valves has two pairs of ports in the nozzle. The initial 15% of the valve’s control range is provided by the smaller, lower ports, with the larger ports providing the remaining 85%. The result is an equal percentage flow characteristic that delivers maximum control throughout the operating range. This port configuration also incorporates an exceptionally high turndown ratio, which provides a wide control range and high versatility.



Multi-Stage & Multi-Stage High Pressure Trims

2-stage trimMaster Flo’s multi-stage trims are available for applications with high pressure drops. These trims consist of two concentric ported cages that throttle pressure in two separate stages, along with an intermediate sliding sleeve. By throttling pressure in two stages, pressure at the vena contracta is prevented from dipping as low as with a single-stage trim. This reduces potential for cavitation and its associated erosion, as well as noise. For larger overall pressure differentials, a multi-stage high pressure trim is available.

Multi-stage trims are available in service specific materials, including our proprietary 5CB Tungsten Carbide for erosion and corrosion resistance. Multi-stage trims can also be engineered to provide custom flow characteristic curves.

LabFlo Trim

LabFlo trimThe Master Flo LabFlo trim is intended for high pressure drop applications, noise control and cavitation control. It features an internal plug with a labyrinth cage that allows smooth transition between cage ports and controls velocity throughout the labyrinth, and is constructed of premium tungsten carbide. The compression loaded trim allows for ease of service and features a robust cage designed for durability and to minimize the potential for plugging. Custom port designs are available to optimize performance depending on fluid type and gas-oil ratio (GOR).


Well Clean-up Trim

Well cleanup trimMaster Flo's well cleanup trim is recommended for flowback, well clean-up chokes and other high-impact applications. The trim absorbs impact energy in the stainless steel outer cage, eliminating damage that can result in catastrophic failure. It also features Master Flo's proprietary 5CB tungsten carbide on all erosion sensitive areas.




Laminate 4-Port Trim

laminate trimThe laminate 4-port trim is used in high impact applications to reduce catastrophic failure. Tested to withstand 300 J energy, it absorbs impact energy in the outer cage while the soft core between cages acts as a crack arrester. Continuous bond technology maintains structural integrity. 





Multi-Port Trim

multi-port trimThe Master Flo mult-port trim provides effective reduction in noise, combined with improved controllability on startup. Like all Master Flo trims, its equal percentage flow characteristic also delivers maximum control throughout the operating range. It is available in stainless steel or tungsten carbide. 


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