World Oil: Subsea Actuator Enables Incremental Production Growth

Jan. 17, 2018

"A new high-resolution subsea actuator from Master Flo Valve, Inc. enables operators to increase production by providing three times the number of opening set points of traditional actuators. Based on hydraulic stepping actuator designs that have been proven in subsea applications for more than 20 years, the SL3 is backwards compatible with existing subsea chokes and utilizes the installed subsea architecture. This avoids the costs of modifying the existing subsea electro-hydraulic system. On existing wells, the SL3 provides reliability and precision to safely increase production by opening subsea chokes to the sand breakthrough point in smaller steps. On new wells, the greater resolution reduces the downhole pressure drop and surge experienced at each step when bringing production online."

The article, in the January 2018 issue of World Oil, is available online to those with a World Oil subscription. Go to: Subsea Actuator Enables Incremental Production Growth

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