SizeFlo 2.0

Nov. 11, 2020

Master Flo Valve is proud to announce a new generation and innovation of valve and actuator sizing applications. In order to implement upcoming new and proven technologies, our new online website, can give you all the access for sizing calculations.

Everything on is cloud-based, meaning installation of software by the end user is no longer required. The look, feel, and capabilities of the sizing calculators can be updated at any time to access the most current information. New developments in valve sizes, pressure classes, trim options, and actuators will be quickly updated on the website, ensuring users are automatically working with the most up-to-date information every time they visit the site. Additional features include on-site technical support through a live chat, the opportunity to share sizing calculations with other users on the site, and relevant links to datasheets and valve Cv graphs based on the resulting size calculations.

Today is the launch day, and SizeFlo is accessible through desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Account members will have access to save their sizing changes and work to view on future logins from any device. To see the new site, visit and submit a request for a new user account creation.

Our customers’ ease and accessibility for our products and services is important to us, and with SizeFlo, we can do just that at the click of a button!

size flo pic

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