E&P Magazine: New HP/HT subsea valve coating developed and deployed for first time

Dec. 1, 2017

An international collaboration betwatings and Master Flo Valve Inc. (MFV) has developed a new coating to protect HP/HT subsea choke valves, a press release stated. The valves are the first of their kind to feature the Hardide-T coating, which can be applied to choke valve stems so they can withstand temperatures up to 204 C (400 F) and pressures of 20,000 psi. MFV found that alternative hard coatings previously applied to the stem assembly were not rated to sufficiently high temperatures. The challenge was to have a durable coating with a completely smooth finish to form a tight metalto- metal seal. The new coating has been applied to MFV’s P4-15K choke valve, which is rated from -29 C (-20 F) to 204 C and 15,000 psi, and the P4-20K choke valve, which is rated to the same temperatures but to 20,000 psi. They are typically installed on subsea production trees and are used for single/multiphase production or water/ chemical/gas injection. There is also an application for use on a capping stack, designed to be deployed in the event of a blowout situation.

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