22 Years In The Field Now Being Refurbished To Go Back Out To Sea

Aug. 10, 2020

At the Master Flo Valve UK location in Aberdeen, Scotland, our global team members have been refurbishing a Master Flo Choke P4-335. The valve was originally manufactured at the Master Flo Head Office in Edmonton, but since then, has been serviced by the UK team for the 22 years it has been in the field. This choke was one of the original valves installed in a large gas field located on the Western coast of Norway back in 1998.

When the valve arrived at our Aberdeen facility, it was stripped and inspected. With our local stocking of critical spares for customer usage, we refurbished this valve as a priority before being re-deployed into the field.

Our global Aftermarket Services team protects the customer’s investment in subsea and surface choke valves, specialty control valves, and actuation. We minimize downtime for our customers, and the refurbishment of valves ensure optimum performance in the changing oil field conditions. Once refurbished, the re-deployed product will be ready to stand the test of time again. 

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Refurb - Aberdeen - LARGE

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