Company Milestones

Since 1979, Master Flo has grown into a leader in flow management solutions for the global surface and subsea oil and gas industry.

Company Milestones

1979—Master Flo started in business in Edmonton manufacturing ball valves
1982—Design of production choke range started
1983—First international sale of production chokes occurred in Australia
1984—Company purchased by Stream-Flo Industries Ltd.
1985—Sales and service outlet opened in London, England to serve the North Sea
1985—Master Flo registers patent for choke design
1987—Sales and service facility opened in Jakarta, Indonesia to serve South East Asia 
1988—Introduced Control Valve Range to the market
1988—Opened the Aberdeen Manufacturing Facility
1990—Certification of the UK office to BS5750 / ISO9001
1990—Produced subsea version of patent choke design
1991—Introduced Master Flo stepping actuator to the market
1992—Opened Houston, Texas sales and service facility
1992—First Subsea chokes manufactured
1992—Tool retrievable insert choke and hydraulic stepping actuator (Vetco Interface)
1995—Developed the pneumatic piston actuation line
1995—Certification of the Canadian operation to ISO-9001
1995—Aberdeen manufacturing office moved to new 10,000 Square Foot facility
1995—First major subsea choke project for Brazil (70 chokes in various sizes)
1995—Tool retrievable insert choke and stepping actuator (KOS interface)
1996—Moved to new 45,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Edmonton
1996—Established a Regional Representative Office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1996—Participated in the first SAGD pilot project in the oilsands (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage)
1997—Opened office in Abu Dhabi to support Middle East clients.
1998—Introduction of HRV insert retrievable choke, complete with tooling package.
1998—Joint development of down-hole trim
1999—Opened an office in Luscar, France to support France and North and West Africa
1999—Development of the P-8 choke series
2000—Development of the E-Series lines of choke and control valves
2000—Joint development of Mandril gas lift choke
2001—Established a Regional Representative Office in Victoria, Australia
2002—Expanded the Edmonton facilities to 80,000 square feet
2002—Opened Regional Representative office in Malaysia
2002—Develop first 15K Subsea Retrievable Choke
2002—HP – HT HRV Chokes 15K 350°F
2003—P5-15K Surface Choke development
2003—Established sales support in Argentina to cover Latin America
2004—Development of the HCS Hydraulic control system for surface chokes
2005—Established Flo Excellence Lean Program
2005—Develop 5” 15K Boarding Valve for the Gulf of Mexico
2005—Set World Depth record for subsea chokes in Brazil (7000+ feet)
2005—Set World Depth record for retrievable subsea chokes in Gulf of Mexico (8995+ feet)
2005—Established an office in Pau France
2005—Certification of Recognition (COR) achieved for MFV Canada Office
2006—Established a Service Portable Work Shop in Angola
2006—Certification of the UK Facility to OHSAS 18001 Safety Management Programme
2007—Chilled hyperbaric testing has now become industry standard
2007—Joined the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Edmonton Consortium
2007—Developed reverse flow HRV insert
2007—Water depth temperature qualification tested to 12,000 feet
2007—Cold hyperbaric testing at SWRI to a depth of 12,600 feet
2008—Introduced Enhanced Flo trim to the industry / market
2008—First P-10 sold to Petrobras in Brazil
2008—Fugitive emission testing & qualification
2008—Developed clean-up insert
2008—Re-circulation insert to interface with HRV choke body
2008—Elevate temperature rating SL actuator 205°F
2008—Set world depth record for subsea choke (9356 feet)
2009—The Stream-Flo Group of Companies Guiding Principles are created
2009—Office opened in China
2009—Fire safe testing as per API 6FA
2010—New Houston facility opens with complete service capabilities
2010—Master Flo wins “Exporter Of The Year” award from Alberta Venture
2010—SizeFlo software and app introduced
2011—LabFlo trim introduced
2011—Leadership Award received from Edmonton Economic Development Board
2012—P2 balanced low torque choke introduced
2012—Well cleanup choke introduced
2012—Open yoke concept for PDA actuators
2012—Started manufacturing surface products in Houston
2013—Development of 20K psi, 450°F surface choke
2013—Custom HRV choke inserts – Dynamic Well Kill – developed with third party
2014—Deployment of Service Portable Work Shop in Australia
2014—Stream-Flo Group of Companies and employees raise $258,730 for the Stollery Children's Hospital 
2014—Branch office opened in Bangkok, Thailand
2014—PDA 300 actuator developed
2014—P6-10K choke developed
2014—FE testing per ISO 15848-1 CC 2 (60,000) cylces with helium
2014—Houston facility receives API 6A and 17D licenses
2015—Stream-Flo Group of Companies Houston Training Center opens
2015—Aftermarket operations opened in Perth, Australia
2015—Aftermarket services in Brazil expanded to include subsea
2015—100,000th choke valve manufactured
2015—Low Voltage Electric / Hydraulic Actuation introduced
2015—Master Flo works with industry to develop brown field re-entry solution through the choke body
2016—Master Flo introduces diaphragm actuator line
2016—20K 400°F subsea choke developed
2016—Aftermarket operations in Nigeria expanded to include subsea
2016—Master Flo Houston facility certified to API 6A and API 17D
2016—Master Flo opens Dubai office
2016—Master Flo P4-10K subsea choke valve is first in the world to pass the Petrobras Homologation
2017—Master Flo and Stream-Flo Edmonton facilities receive ISO 14001:2015 certification
2017—Pneumatic ESD is introduced
2017—Master Flo Hyperbaric Test Center in Houston is commissioned
2017—Master Flo acquires Dycor Technologies 


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